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Metal Roofing


A true Kiwi icon and part of our culture and construction, corrugate roofing is a highly cost-effective solution for new roofs or re-roofing. It is timeless and looks great on all type of buildings.


Five Rib is an economical five ribbed trapezoidal profile that has an attractive appearance that is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Five Rib is a cost effective alternative to other types of domestic roofing, offering clean straight lines and minimal laps. It is also a cost effective option when used as a commercial or industrial roof.

Corona Shake

The Gerard Corona Shake has a clean, flat profile with a character grain running through it that will give your home an identity of its own. It is a ruggedly handsome, yet surprisingly stylish roofline, that's happily at home in both town and country. Gerard Corona Shake is available in a range of classic and contemporary roof colours with either a satin or textured finish


If you're after shingles then the Gerard Senator Shingle is for you. This subtle shingle profile will define any house style. Gerard Senator Single is available in a compact range of colours in a textured finish with a second complementary patch colour. Gerard Senator Shingle is also available in Charcoal without the patch colour.


If you're seeking the subtle shades of the traditional slate or shingle roof, then choose Gerard Oberon Shingle. Developed in New Zealand using advanced pressing technology, Gerard Oberon Singles' unique profile changes mood with the angle of the sun. Gerard Oberon Shingle's compact range of colours is available in a textured finish, with a second complementrary patch colour to accentuate the random and bold look of this roof.

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